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About Hollywood Hounds Pet Spa 

Hollywood Hounds was established in 2011 by Kristi Pianka. After leaving a corporate salon, Kristi proudly created a salon that is able to take the time to personally know every pet and client. All of Hollywood Hounds groomers go through extensive training in order to give your pet the best quality groom available. To continue our education in the grooming industry, every employee is encourage to attend yearly national grooming seminars. We are also members of the National Dog Grooming Association of America. Our salon is dedicated to providing a close client-groomer relationship in order to meet all of you and your pets needs.

Safety, Cleanliness and Handling

  • Safety is always the #1 priority in the salon.
  • Pets are never left unattended unless they are secure in their cage.
  • Happy Hoodies are used to cover the pets' head while drying to protect their ears from powerful air flow and loud noise.
  • Our cage dryers are not heated.
  • Nervous and elderly dogs are continuously monitored for signs of stress. If the groomer feels the pet's health is at risk, the groom is immediately discontinued and the owner is notified.
  • Cages and grooming equipment are sanitized between each pet and the salon is thoroughly cleaned at the end of the night.
  • While most pets enjoy their spa day, it is not uncommon for a pet to experience anxiety or become aggressive in a stressful or unfamiliar situation. Safe tools such as E. collars or muzzles are only used if necessary. Every groomer at Hollywood Hounds is willing to put the time and love into each pet to make them as comfortable as possible with their grooming.
  • Harnesses are used on pets with bad hips for extra support while standing on the grooming table.
  • If any unusual behavior or changes in health are noticed, the parent is always informed at the time of pick up.​